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About Sunny

In 1981, Sunny’s family was sponsored by the First Baptist Church as newly arriving refugees to America. America’s heartfelt welcoming and commitment to the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has allowed her to run for judge because she dreamed of a judicial system that treated everybody with fairness and equality. 

  • Member of the Mecklenburg County Bar

  • Larry King's Clubhouse Board of Directors

  • Volunteers annually with the McCreesh Place

  • Assistant Public Defender/Felony Drug Unit Chief

  • Member of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Republican Women

  • Family member of Charlotte Rifle & Pistol Club since 2012


Kevin Tully ​​- Attorney

Tony Purcell - Attorney

Katie Clary - Attorney

Joel Adelman - Attorney

Thurston Frazier - Attorney

Judy Blevins - Attorney

Rhonda Brooks - Attorney

Selin Roberts - Attorney

Susan Weigand - Attorney

James Exum - Attorney

Michael Kabakoff - Attorney

Holly Dowd - Attorney

Alysja Carlisle - Attorney

Dana Grigg - Attorney

David Hitchens - Attorney

Shantia Coley - Attorney  

Stephanie Jackson - Attorney 

John Bayne - Supporter

Jamison Whittaker - Supporter

Moodye Clary - Supporter

Del Smith - Supporter

Shelley Bear - Supporter

Sherrie Avitan - Business Owner

Chiengthong Kongkham - Business Owner

Chi Zhang - Business Owner

Celia Estrada-Leland - Business Owner 

Kay Johnson Smith - Business Owner


Make a Donation

We are currently accepting donations to help purchase yard signs, t-shirts and all things media. Let’s get the word out that Sunny is running for District Court Judge! 


We greatly appreciate any donation, no matter how big or small. Together we can truly make a difference by choosing Sunny for 2020. Thank you for your donation!



Please mail a personal check made payable to “The Committee to Elect Sunny Rubeck for District Court Judge” to:


The Committee to Elect Sunny Rubeck for District Court Judge

P.O. Box 240044

Charlotte, NC 28224


All major cards are accepted. Please click below to donate.


Contact Us

Do you have a question, suggestion, or comment regarding our mission? We value your opinion and would like to hear from you.

P.O. Box 240044, Charlotte, NC 28224


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Join us on this campaign. We need organizers, coordinators, volunteers, and more. Most of all we need YOU to join our team! Together we can improve our courts.

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